Winter Bathrooms

Now the nights have drawn in and the temperature has dropped, there’s no better time to create the perfect cosy sanctuary to warm up those chilly mornings and cold winter nights.

The bathroom is often the room in the house that gets most neglected, people view the room as functional when really, it’s the place you can go to escape the day for a little well deserved ‘you time’.

We have put together 7 tips to help you create the perfect winter bathroom:

Warming accessories

If you’re just wanting to spruce up your bathroom space, accessories are a cost-effective and simple way to make your bathroom feel cosier. Experiment with different textures, add rugs to avoid the coldness of the tiles on your feet, woven baskets to store your toiletries and treat yourself by investing in luxury, soft towels.

Think about the colours

Putting a little thought into the colour scheme in your bathroom can instantly change the feel of the room, using muted tones will create a sense of calm and serenity, and can be less clinical than the typical white walls that are usually found in today’s bathrooms. Or you could experiment with a bold, opulent colour such as a deep red, navy or forest green.

Indulgent showers

Nothing is more painful than standing under a trickle of water that’s pretending to be the shower at any point in the year, let alone the winter!! Never fear, a warmer shower experience can be easily achieved. If you’re working to a tight budget why not install a larger shower head that can be fitted to your existing plumbing, like our Caspian Square Shower Head priced at £128.00, or if you’re able to splash the cash, investing in a new shower will definitely keep those goosebumps at bay.

Taking a soak

Submerse yourself into ultimate warmth and tranquillity by upgrading your bathtub. A deeper bath retains the heat, meaning you can take that extra-long soak you’ve been looking forward to all day and a freestanding bath can create a stunning focal point, providing the room with a touch of luxury and style. We have a variety of bath options available.

Ambient lighting

Lighting is paramount when you are wanting to create a serene bathing haven. This can be achieved by installing spotlights with dimmer switches, fancy pendant lights using low watt bulbs. You could also enjoy the flickering light of a candle or even soft, warm fairy lights; by choosing the battery-operated version you could drape them on shelving or over your mirrors.

Toasty Towels

Get your towels toasty on a heated towel rail to eliminate the chills when you get out of the shower or bath. Locate the towel rails close by, so the transition from warm bath / shower to snuggly towel is effortless……….how lovely would that be?

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We’d love to see how you’ve prepared your bathroom for winter this year, be sure to share your pictures with us on social media.